Friday, January 30, 2015
Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL

2014 George Washington's Birthday Regatta

 What a weekend we had at our Washington day regatta, chaired by Monte and Ray!

Saturday morning winds topped 23 knots so the race committee, headed by Dave Leather, Bob Armes and Dennis , with Pirot Dave as safety, (and he was busy)   postponed for awhile in hopes that the wind would settle down a little, and by 11:00 it was blowing 18 to 20! 

 Off to the races!

We had a capsizes among the 20 Scots, but none in the 5 Waferers!-----Surprize!

On the other course were our fearless Opti sailors, and 17 Lasers, 6 420s and 6 Portsmouth, for 57 total.

On shore, Monte, with the help of George and Charlotte, provided plenty of home made food, and the winners received hand made trophies by Dean Grimes!

Sunday there was no wind at first, WHAT!, but that changed fast and we got 2 spirited races in with 8 to 12 gusts a plenty!

We had no problem planing downwind on "August Moons" 

Coming up is the MC mid Winters regatta and more club racing this weekend! 

Is this the good life or what!

article by Gus Chennells

Click HERE for Video of Jim & Katelin sailing the Wayfarer and Youth 420s Sailors at the Regatta!


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