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Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL
Flying Scot Club Race Scoring


Flying Scot Fleet 150 – Lake Eustis Sailing Club 

Effective 08/2020

For each given “sailing year” (September to May), LESC hosts many (approximately 17-18) weekends of Club Racing for the benefit of its members. The purpose of this document is to describe the scoring methods used for these Weekends and the Series therefrom.


  • Club Racing Duty: A Competitor who is bound to perform LESC PRO, Safety or Mark Duties which prevent his/her participation in Racing.

  • Competitor: A Full Member of LESC in good standing who helmed at least 50% of a Scored Race and who has performed his/her Club Racing Duties. Note that any Competitor may race 1 or more boats in the same class and all scores will apply to that Competitor - e.g., a boat cannot be a Competitor and is not eligible for discrete scoring.

  • Scored Race: A race which was run by LESC on its regularly scheduled club Race Weekends, was governed by LESC Club SI’s and in which the LESC-designated PRO officiated and pronounced the race run and completed. Note: any racing for practice or performed prior subsequent to LESC official racing shall not be considered a “Scored Race”.

  • Race Weekend: each weekend LESC is scheduled to hold Club Racing is considered a Race Weekend. All Scored Races which occurred in that period are part of that Race Weekend. Generally speaking, there will be no more than 3 races of each day of a Race Weekend, but is subject to LESC Club SI’s and the discretion of the LESC PRO officiating.

  • Series: A logical grouping of Scored Races from Racing Weekends. There will be a total of 5 Series scored:

  • An Overall Series which represents the entirety of Scored Races for the season (and from which the Fleet Champion shall be determined); and

  • 4 “Sub-Series” (Keenan, Hartge, Norton and Collene). The specific Race Weekends that comprise each of the 4 Subseries shall be determined up by the Fleet Captain in advance of the sailing season and each shall comprise all of the Scored Races in a particular part of the year (generally 4-5 weekends or ~2-3 months depending on year and scheduling of the racing, regattas, etc.). Each of the 5 Series will be scored as per rules below.


    • Club Racing Duties: 

      In the event a Competitor has Club Racing Duty, that Competitor shall receive a 3 place for each Scored Race that took place while the Competitor was performing that duty.

      Note that continual extended voluntary assumption of these Duties due to weather conditions, health or other external personal considerations may nullify this provision to be fair in reflecting the actively-participating Competitors’ scores. Generally, these duties will be assigned to a Competitor twice in a given sailing year, but may be more or less. Any Competitor who does not perform his/her assigned Club Racing Duty and fails to find a competent replacement shall not be scored for any Race Weekend or Series of which that Day is part.

    • Race Weekend Scoring:
      Each Race Weekend is treated as a separate regatta and shall be scored using the Low Points Scoring system per RRS (90.3 and Appendix A) – except:

o A DNC shall be scored as the number of Competitors for the Race Weekend + 1.
o DNS, DNF, RAF and DSQ shall be the Number of Competitors for that Scored Race + 1 (i.e., the same as Appendix A9 – Long Series scoring).

o No Throwouts/Discards shall be permitted.
o These changes are meant to maximize the benefit to Competitors who attend.

        •  Series Scoring:

Each Scored Race in a Series shall be included in the Series Scoring calculation –Series scoring uses the low-point scoring system awarded to Competitors per RRS (90.3 and Appendix A – specifically A9), except

o A DNC shall be scored as the number of Competitors for the Race Weekend + 1.
o All Series Totals shall exclude (discard) the lowest 40% of scores of each Competitor

- the number of Excluded Results (40%) is calculated from the total number of Scored Races for that Fleet during the Series (examples: a 7-race Series would exclude the Competitors worst 3 race scores [7*0.4 = 2.8] while a 11-race Series would exclude the Competitors worst 4 races [11*0.4=4.4] The number of discarded results will be to the nearest whole number with 0.5 being “rounded up” to 1.

o Each Series’ Scores (and the Discards therefrom) shall be considered discretely and shall have no reference to another Series or Year – even a Series whose dates are concomitant.


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